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Posted by justin Cox on Fri, Nov 02, 2012 @ 12:31 PM

Guest Post: Janine Crouch, In The News Account Executivepersonalized wall plaques, display magazine articles, magazine plaques

This week we are hearing from our very own Sales Representative, Janine Crouch! Just a couple more reasons why working here at In The News is an adventure all in it's own! We create personalized custom wall plaques to professionally display magazine articles. 

We get to read so many different publishings about all different kinds of subjects, everything from construction, motorcycles, new breakthroughs in science and research, and computers.

You name it and we have more than likely read about it.

Here is Janine's story about her experience with Hunting magazines and how much she has learned over the years being a part of the In The News team.

I came from a background in sales and by far this has been the best job in the world.  We get to read magazines and newspapers for a living! 

Finding out about peoples accomplishments and introducing people to our product and service is great.  Giving the customer an opportunity to view the completed plaque on inspection is the best sales tool.

Most sales people need to believe in the product to succeed.  I am 100% behind what we sell.  Taking articles and preserving them into wall display plaques is very rewarding. 

I just received a call from a new customer yesterday.  He was so excited he was going to make a list of other publications his company has been featured in and will send them to me to have preserved. 

He is looking forward to having them all displayed in his office. This is how we build our business. 

One area I especially like working is hunting magazines.  I can tell you that I didn’t really know anything about hunting or appreciate how much goes into the hunt before I started reading articles from actual hunters detailing their trophies.  

They are most excited when we explain what we do… especially if it is the first time published or a cover profile.  Needless to say, I now have an understanding of hunting and the thrill they get when they succeed in that big hunt, or when they finally get the buck they have been following.

You get the sense from Janine she really enjoys talking to those "Big Game" Hunters and learning about there interesting lives.  When you get a call or an email from one of our reps at In The News rest assured you are receiving a phone call from someone who cares about you and your success.  Not only do we enjoy preserving and creating personalized wall plaques we also enjoy reading and learning about our customers passions and professions.

Were you featured on the cover of a magazine, have an article published, or mentioned in a write-up? Being spotlighted in a magazine, whether it’s a local zine or a national publication, is an exciting accomplishment and definitely something to talk about. Be sure to save and display that good press! Ready to get started on your display?

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