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Top 100, Top 500, Top 1,000? Recognition Gift Plaques and Awards

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Jul 11, 2011 @ 10:44 AM

Congratulations! Your company made a corporate recognition list. Perhaps it’s the first time you’ve made the top one hundred. Maybe it’s a move up the numbers on the list. Either way, the company is going places and you want to give an award to the employees that got you there. But what kind of recognition gifts do you give as an award? Not the same gifts that you give every plaque,recognition gift plaque,recognition plaque,company plaque,corporate plaque,employee plaque

Making it onto lists, being singled out, or recognized as one of the best needs something more than another company polo shirt. You need something special to give as awards for the work of your employees. A real recognition award. Recognition gift plaques are a great example of the kind of awards that truly say thank you to employees that have been the life’s blood of the company.

Plaques are a great way to take a moment of time and freeze it forever so that everyone can look back and see how much has been accomplished. Companies like In The News ( take original articles, magazine covers, corporate lists and professionally mount them onto plaques and even add engraved lettering so you can recognize special employees personally.

A plaque can be easily displayed and is a proud reminder of the company’s efforts. You can also put them in the corporate lobby and customer services areas to let people know how you’ve been recognized by your industry as one of the best.

Whether it's making lists or reaching key milestones in the company's history. Maybe it's just a way to show recognition to a hard working employee. Recognition gift plaques make great ways to award the hard work done.

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