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Take your favorite digital photos and turn them into Wall Art

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Jul 27, 2011 @ 03:03 PM

digital photo,wall art,wall display,screen captureToday, everyone takes digital photos and videos with their cameras, smart phones and other devices. But very few of us then turn those digital photos into something we can look at and enjoy for years to come. Now at In The News, you can quickly turn your digital media into a memorable wall display.

We live our lives online in today's digital age. Most people have Facebook pages or other kinds of social media profiles. Many of us share our photos over the Internet. Maybe you even blog or create videos to share online. As a professional, you most certainly have at least one online profile on the web.

In The News recognizes how much of what you do in life takes place online, which is why we can now take any digital photo or video still from any major media outlet, your digital camera or your social media page and turn it into one of our high quality wall displays or plaques.

You've trusted us to turn your published media into wall displays. Now trust us to turn your online media into amazing and memorable plaques and displays as well all through our trusted website, in person or over the phone working with our professional staff.

In The News has a long history of providing better quality plaques and wall displays than any other frame shop. We pride ourselves on turning your memorable moments captured into personal art. We have been creating plaques based on news articles, magazine articles and other printed media since 1987.

As the world has moved into a  digital age, In The News has moved along with it. Contact us today to start turning your digital photos and media into treasured personal art.


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