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Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Aug 19, 2011 @ 02:34 PM

Thanks to my cousin Alex's visit to Los Angeles to attend the second annual VidCon I began to think how important video has become in my life.

I also began to look at the ways in which it might be useful to our business and what way to incorporate it if any at all.

How popular is You Tube and is it viable at all to our business here @ In The News

And then I came across the documentary Life in a Day and the concept blew my mind.  Not only did the idea truly enhance my belief in the social aspect of society and reconfirm we all truly are connected but it seemed to answer my question about You Tube

A week later I came across the Gregory Brothers from Brooklyn  and it semented my feelings on viral video hits.

Check out the New York Times magazine article INFECTIOUS  

Our feeling is for every Gregory Brothers success story there are millions of other stories, fun and interesting but maybe not the 10million hit caliber but entertaining and memorable just the same.  If you are songifying then you might want to put it up on your wall to remember not to take yourself so seriously. Or let's say you have your viral moment that makes you truly famous like the Red Hot Chilli Peppers you might want to immortalize that exact moment it happened. HBO video plaque 

So we started brainstorming ideas about what kind of service our company could provide?  What we thought was why not preserve the best moments of the videos themselves.

I still have this need to enter into a project from a standpoint of effectiveness and bottom line will it make us money.  What I keep failing to recognize is that people searching the web want to learn something.  

What I can teach you about In The News is we can take your you tube videos, popular, funny, music, sports, and capture the best parts of the video and create a movie reel wall display that shows the best parts of the video. 

See examples of wall displays captured from video.

It becomes a true custom made wall plaque that we can acutally create using our technology.

In the mantra of the internet do whatever you want, success comes quickly to those who have an imagination and you may quickly forget 1 year later you had your 10 minutes and 100,000 views of your video.  

@ In The News 

We are transforming from a plaque company who was able to mount and preserve every positive newspaper or magazine published article into a company who can mount and preserve any feature from video or print.




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