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Thinking about framing for newspaper articles?

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Aug 08, 2011 @ 11:48 AM

When looking to preserve news articles, magazine articles and other media for posterity, many people first turn to picture and document frames. However, these standard plastic and wood frames with glass fronts have several disadvantages to keeping print media looking flawless. Hand crafted plaques, on the other hand, are lasting wall displays people will proudly display for years to come.

What is a Plaque?
A plaque, simply put, is an ornamental wall display usually made out of wood or metal in commemoration of an event or a person. Most people think of plaques only as awards handed out at banquets and put away in a drawer. But high quality plaques, like the kind hand crafted at In The News, preserve and commemorate all kinds of occasions and, in particular, preserve news and magazine articles highlighting important people and events. In The News specializes in turning news and magazine articles and other print materials into beautiful wall displays for home, office or as unique, personalized gifts.framing newspaper articles, framing magazine articles,frame magazines

Lasting Quality
Each plaque commissioned from In The News sits on a three-quarter inch birch wood base with beveled edges. Every base is hand finished with one of five natural wood stains. A professional designer reviews the layout of each plaque to maximize readability and visual appeal. Clients can also add attractive finishing elements like trim, custom engravings and company logos. Finally, each plaque is sealed in a laminate finish that eliminates the glare of glass so everyone can read the plaque easily. The individual attention each plaque receives makes plaques a superior choice to picture or document frames. In The News provides a 100 percent guarantee on its plaques to ensure quality.

Create & Commemorate
Picture frames work great for family photos or wall displays that must be changed regularly. But plaques create a permanent celebration of an event, particularly a moment when a company, individual or group is featured in the media including newspapers, magazines, websites and other media. Working with In The News, a plaque can become as individualized as the news maker it commemorates.

Plaques vs. Frames
Traditional picture and document frames have several limitations. They only come in stock sizes unless someone is willing to pay for custom framing. Frames don't come with a guarantee against damage. Glass frames easily break and glare on glass frames often prevents people from easily reading or seeing whatever is in the frame.

Plaques, on the other hand, are infinitely customizable because of the individual attention each In The News plaque receives. In The News can turn any print media into a beautiful plaque including articles that span over several pages and include multiple photos. In The News guarantees its products and protects each article with a special non-glare laminate.

When choosing the best way to commemorate a momentous event, the benefits of plaques clearly outweigh traditional picture frames. 


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