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Create Custom Picture Frames Online | Newspaper or Magazine Articles

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Aug 12, 2011 @ 03:16 PM

Do you have a recent newspaper or magazine article you want to frame, mount, or preserve?

How about an old article you never really got around to doing anything with and now is the time.custom online picture frame,newspaper plaque,newspaper framing

You are probably like me and the answer to those questions are yes and then you probably say to yourself where would I go or what companies are there that professionally offer that kind of service.

If you are like me you then go to your computer and start typing different searches for companies and begin to read about which company has the best price or which one has the most likes on Face Book.  Sometimes you might even get a little crazy and try a company that is past the first three entries on the first page of your search!

You think you have found the right company and you click on their link or go to their site and it no longer exists or they want you to buy into a subscription or purchase site unseen.

Finding a company that allows you to create and view your finished product on inspection is even less likely.  But that is exactly what we do @ In The New Inc.

In The News creates custom plaques from magazine and newspaper articles.  We professionally mount and preserve articles to create a high quality plaque with a picture frame effect.

We have hundreds of examples to chose from and allow you to create a custom laminated framed plaque with a laser engraved plate that you can display in your office or home for years to come. 

The unique part is after you have made your selection and customized your articles we are still willing to send our product to you if you are not 100% satisfied we will come and pick up the plaque without hesitation

What frame shop?  What store will allow you to walk out with the actual product and take it home and hang it up for 10 days without paying to make sure you are completely happy with the product.  I know there are a few still around and we are proud to be one of them.  It's that kind of customer service and that kind of commitment that makes us the right company to chose when you are shopping online for all of your framing needs. 

Check us out @ and start creating your custom picture frames.


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