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Golf's Greatest shot a Hole-In-One (Plaque) and Golfing Story

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Aug 15, 2011 @ 11:36 AM

Golf's Greatest Shot

If you love the game of golf like I do you probably have a few golf stories to tell everyone in your family.  And if you are like me you have told the good stories probably one too many times and your family does not want to hear them anymore.  So you save them for your friends out on the course where golf legends are born.hole-in-one plaque,golf plaque

If you have played enough golf there are certain questions that will inevitably come up. 

How many hole-in-ones do you have? 

How many times have you come close to getting a hole-in-one? It's too bad they don't give out trophies or hole-in-one plaques for close calls.  I can 't tell you how many times I came close or just missed on a hole-in-one.   

If someone hits it close on a par 3 or if you are lucky enough you get to see one of your partners hit a hole in one.  Or if you join a foresome and someone you never met hits a hole in one.  Those are all fun experiences.  But on the rarest of occasions you are the one everyone is talking about, you are the one buying drinks after the round because you hit the most amazing shot in golf a hole in one.    

Personally I have one and boy did it take a long time.  I am 35yrs old and it happened about 4 years ago.  Now relative to age you might think I am still pretty young but in my golf life, I have been playing golf since I was six years old, that's 24 years it took me to get my first one. 

I used a 7iron from 165yds and the worst part about it was the sun was in my face and I never saw the ball go in the hole.  I even thought the ball might be off the green so when I got out of the cart I didn't see the ball anywhere and took my chipping clubs to the green.  It took awhile then finally we looked inside the hole and their it was I had my first hole-in-one.  Good times where had by all after that and 5 years later it is still my only one.  I had a short lived professionally golfing career but that hole in one was in tournament play which made it even more special. 

I even got a hole-in-one plaque made with the scorecard and the ball.  If you are like me and are looking to preserve this great shot let In The News create a custom hole-in-one plaque.  Start today and celebrate golf's greatest experience for years to come.  We want to here the story as well so please share it with us.

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