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Florida business in Tampa prepares for Hurricane Irene

Posted by justin Cox on Wed, Aug 24, 2011 @ 04:45 PM

Even though it may still be too early to tell exactly which direction Hurricane Irene is going to go, it never hurts to be prepared. That way, if the hurricane does happen to come this way there will be no last minute scrambling. It is also interesting because this is the first hurricane that may touch U.S. land since Hurricane Ike in 2008.Hurrican Irene

A lot of people get complacent and think a hurricane won't hit until it actually does leaving them unprepared and rushing at the very last minute to get everything they need. I can understand how some people feel though, I've heard that every time a hurricane comes close every news channel seems to say it's heading right for us. You can only cry wolf so many times before people stop believing that a hurricane could hit. Bottom line, it never hurts to be prepared.

I've heard some horror stories about some past Hurricanes that have hit Florida, such as the power going out for weeks on end, no water, air conditioning and other essentials.  Not being from Florida and never really experiencing a full on Hurricane just some heavy wind and rain.

Here at In The News  we have generators that will power the entire building in case of a power outage so that we will be here to help and answer all of your questions.  We are a national company so when a hurricane comes we have to be as prepared as possible.

Some people think they will never be in a newspaper or magazine (much like hurricanes hitting) until it actually happens. We did a test here in the office to see how many people knew someone who was actually featured in a newspaper or magazine and only one person raised their hand. She knew a person back from when she was a kid who was featured in the local newspaper. Moral of the story is that you never know if you're going to be featured, so whether it's your first, or third time, be sure to preserve it the right way!

We take pride in mounting and preserving feature articles from newspapers and magazines.  We create a high quality plaque with a picture frame effect.  We subscribe and read every newspaper throughout the United States and we know this will be a big story.  If you like hurricanes you may want to think about getting the image above on a plaque?  Or if you have old articles you want preserved feel free to contact us or go to our website.


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