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Attention PR Firms | Great ways to market your print media

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Sep 02, 2011 @ 09:49 AM

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Public relation firms find ways to market all media including print.

A positive news story on your company can be one of the most valuable boosts for your organization's brand. And positive print media has the power to continue impressing new prospects, customers and advocates long after it appears in a publication. describe the image

One of the best ways to make that investment pay off, and keep your print success front and center, is to preserve it in a laminated plaque.
A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into securing the right print placement.  And companies spend thousands of dollars to track placements and measure their effectiveness.  For a nominal fee, a laminated plaque will help permanently preserve an organization's best print media examples.

Well preserved and designed plaques that highlight your organization's appearance in print make stand-out statements in your offices.  And they help preserve your print media indefinitely. Allowing your hard earned print placements to become creased and yellowed pages stuffed into a file doesn't allow you to leverage the placements to promote your brand and often results in copies of your print success being lost.

In the News is the market leader in providing organizations of all sizes throughout the U.S. custom wall plaques for print media.  The laminated plaques are distinctive, professional, and ready to hang in any office, and highlight and preserve the selected piece of print media.  Each plaque is customized with the client's organization name, publication name and date of placement.

Our teams have access to most any publication in the U.S., or can work to have an original copy preserved.  We work with clients to customize each plaque.  Publication mastheads and covers can be worked into a plaque to make the piece stand out.

Our turn around is fast, normally we have a plaque to a customer in about a week. The ordering process is designed to be easy; customers simply contact an account representative and let them know the details of the print placement (publication, date, location) and we go to work.


 Attention PR Firms

Visit our website  or click the picture on the bottom of the page and submit your request and information to get started. 

The plaques are produced on heavy wood that is easy to hang on any office wall but substantial enough to be noticed.  They can decorate lobby or executive office walls and coordinate with any decor.

In the News works with hundreds of organizations and corporations across the U.S. and produces more than 200 plaques a day.  For a nominal price, your best print media will be permanently preserved and turned into a presentation piece that can beautify your office and promote your brand.

In the News can be an integral part of your marketing efforts and campaigns.

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