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How can a small business use article framing to its advantage?

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, May 06, 2013 @ 10:31 AM

Being resourceful can mean a lot of different things these days to a lot of small businesses around the country. Taking advantage of all of your opportunities when it comes to your business and it's success is the name of the game.  

Where we see small businesses being uniquely bold is when they receive good press by capitalizing with article framing.  Sure, a big business can dominate the media and press in national and local publications by paying for advertising and press releases but that does not always translate into sales and consumer confidence.    

Drawing attention by framing a positive news story on your organization or business is a fast and inexpensive way to gain exposure and compete with other businesses in your area.   

Let's look at a real example of a successful business using article framing to it's advantage, we received this customer photo on our Facebook page.

The company is actually a museum, G Wiz a Science Musuem located in downtown Sarasota Florida, their facility stretches an amazing 33,000 feet and is equipped with state of the art hands on interactive displays, yes you can touch at this museum.  It is by any standards a world class science center.  

G Whiz The Science Museum

And there is our article plaque on the wall in museum. You can read the article here featured in the Sarasota Herald Tribune. G Whiz took advantage of some great press and used space in their museum to display the newspaper article for those visiting to see.

We understand not every small business has a 33,000 ft center to hang article plaques but they have taken advantage of every situation to make themselves more visible and exposed themselves in a positive light to those visiting their facility.  This concept holds true with a number of facilities including offices, restaurants, shops  

Our company In The News professionally mounts and preserves newspaper and magazine articles for companies and individuals across the United States. 

Article framing is what we do best, we take positive news stories and create lasting memories by turning those articles into custom wall plaques for companies to showcase their achievements.

If you want to take advantage of being featured in newspaper or magazine publications like G Whiz with our article framing,  click the link below to find out how:


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