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Best gift ideas, special keepsakes & momentos for the holiday season

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Sep 19, 2011 @ 12:02 PM

In The News: The Best Gift Idea Making All The Headlines

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When someone has a personal or professional accomplishment  that is printed in the media, a celebration is in order.  People get their stories published or make the news for a multitude of reasons and acknowledging that milestone or accomplishment makes the occurrence even more special—you can also make it last forever.

Giving a professionally framed wall display, engraved plaque or custom award takes the event to the highest level. And it acknowledges your appreciation and celebration of the person’s accomplishment, success or special event.

Here’s The Scoop On Gift Ideascoporate award plaque

Many corporations acknowledge the achievements of their sales team, an outstanding employee or client appreciation with a celebratory memento of the moment.  It can be a specially engraved award, plaque or wall display.  It’s a smart gift idea that not only sends a positive message but also boosts employee morale.  When an employee gets a promotion, passes a milestone anniversary of service to the company or even retires from the business, a personalized award truly marks the occasion.

A small or mid-sized company has to be creative in this difficult economy.  One cost-effective way to improve customer and employee relations is to award those who go above and beyond job expectations or acknowledge an employee of the month.  A professionally framed wall display sends the right message to the entire staff.  It says thank you and shows the benchmark of success in the most personal way.

Whether a story makes national news, a business or trade magazine or company newsletter, having it professional framed with a personal message engraved is simply smart business.

It’s Not Only About Work

While it’s a wonderful feeling to have your peers and boss acknowledge your hard work and successes on the job, it’s equally rewarding to have your personal accomplishments celebrated as well.  While you toil away day after day it’s necessary to take into consideration the important things in life. You need to balance work and play and reflect on the most meaningful moments—family, friends and fun.

recognition plaque,golf plaque

Sports: Everyone Loves an Athlete

Your neighbor’s son scored the final touchdown that won the game.  Your co-workers daughter hit a home run for the school baseball team and she made the local news.  Your nephew made so many slam-dunks this season that his team voted him most valuable player. You were so proud the day that your own child took the underdog soccer team to nationals with the final amazing goal shot. These are several isolated moments in life that make us all enjoy sports.  It’s a shared feeling between athlete and spectator and it can be celebrated with a personalized plaque or laminated newspaper clipping that will remind everyone of that winning game and his or her achievement.  The feeling lasts forever.

Education Accomplishments

teacher plaque,educational plaque

From grade school spelling bees to graduating magna cum laude, there are many moments that fill the soul and make life so enriching.  It could be winning a debate, becoming class president or making a speech at graduation. These are the moments that should be commemorated.

You’re always challenged with what gift idea or donation to send—now you have the single most unique opportunity.  A personalized memento that timestamps the achievement is the perfect gift. Whether it’s a note, clipping, photograph or certificate of achievement, having it professionally framed and displayed sends a message of pride, honor and accomplishment.

The gift-giving season is upon us.  And a personalized plaque, framed wall display or engraved award makes the gift a true present.

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