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Strategies for building a brand through marketing a # | 800-548-3993

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Sep 26, 2011 @ 02:16 PM

800-548-3993newspaper article laminate plaque

How many phone calls do you make a day?  And what long distance service to you use to get the best rates?  How many of you have an 800 number?  

Why all the questions? We were thinking it's time to set the record straight and crunch some numbers. At In The News  we make upwards to 3-4 thousand phone calls per day? Impressed?  Probably not but we wanted you to know anyway.

It's been important to us to build a brand through marketing our 800 number for 25 years.  Doing good business the right way we wanted to let you know certain ways we strive to maintain our good name. 

Let's put it another way we are not a back alley, two guys in a garage, Carl Hiassen novel.  We are not your Grandmothers telemarketing company. (No offense to Grandma we love Grandma!)     

A couple of misconceptions about our company.  (Telemarketers)  We are not!!

  1. We do not have automatic dialing (other companies might re dial until you pick up, not us.)
  2. We do not have multiple offices acorss the US we only have one location (we are located in Tampa, Fl. Not Connecticut or Michigan or Sarasota) 
  3. And most importantly we do not send out our product without an approval from the customer first.(We have a state of the art recording system that allows us to monitor every order turned in.)

We have been creating and crafting custom laminated wall displays from newspaper and magazine articles for the last 25 years.

In The News (800) 548-3993 if you have received a call from us then congratulations you have been In The News.  

Chances are you have been featured in a newspaper or magazine and you and/or your company are having great success. Why the phone call?  Let us take the good news one step further check out our website here.  We can really make a difference in what good press can mean to you and your business.  

Do not be afraid of the 800 number on your machine we take the worry out of the decision making.  We are not looking for a commitment just an opportunity.  Let the professionals handle customizing and promoting your great press with a beautiful custom wall plaque (see examples)  

You might be thinking I want to stay local and buy American.  Well our product is 100% Made In the USA. 

We are local. We read every newspaper and magazine in the country.  Most of our sales reps work their hometown papers and it keeps them informed and up to date.  Visit our sales staff here

So you can either return the phone call and speak to one of us directly or visit our website and fill out our easy to use form on our home page 

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