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Successful companies in tough economy create custom plaques

Posted by Gail Walton on Mon, Oct 10, 2011 @ 10:29 AM

Success without a great economy, it is possible.

Are you as sick as I am, of hearing about the economy. Are we in a recession or not? Are we in a depression or not? Did you know that back in the 1800's they didn't call it an economic down-turn a recession? They called it a panic.(see the panic of 1873). fire

Then someone decided that was too scary and decided that they'd call it a depression, yes that was in the 1930's. Now, we have a progression of semantics, the new term "recession". 

Lets examine the word "semantics" it is the study of the meaning of words. I know your asking what does that have to do me and my business? Don't get caught up in the word "recession", don't assume that because some economic guru thinks the economy is in trouble that you and your business can't be a success.

Go for it.

Network, pull out the all the stops and look for all the ways you can promote how great your business is.  Look for ways to get your company "In The News",

  • Host an event
  • Send a press release to all the websites in your market
  • Publish an article in newspapers and magazines  
  • Get involed in your community
  • Participate in trade shows

Most of all be active there are hundreds of ways to get the word out about your company without spending lots of money. 

And when you finally have success let me know I really want to hear your ideas for making the rest of 2011 a success.

In The News creates custom plaques  from magazine and newspaper articles.  We professionally mount and preserve articles to create a high quality plaque with a picture frame effect.  We take positive news stories and help companies display them proudly to promote businesses. 

There is no substitution for hard work it really pays off and when it does you will know how to be a success. 


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