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See how trade show marketing attention-grabbers generate "BUZZ"

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Oct 03, 2011 @ 12:04 PM

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"If you've seen one, you've seen them all."  This thought probably crosses the minds of many weary individuals as they pass myriads of booths at yet another trade show.  When people first enter a trade show, they may stop at several booths that catch their interest.  However, as they grow weary of the crowds and noise, they realize that they cannot possibly visit every booth and become more selective in their stops.  To be successful at tradeshows, a business needs an attention-grabber that sets its booth apart from the surrounding booths. 

It has become an art form unto itself decorating Convention Booths @ Trade Shows

In The News, a company specializing in lamination and engraving since 1987, sets businesses apart from their competitors by custom framing newspaper and magazine articles  that highlight a company's recent accomplishments.  Notable clients include everyone from large corporations and professional sports teams to "mom and pop" small businesses and private individuals.  Since In The News subscribes to nearly every periodical in the country, they typically have the desired article in their possession before the business or individual requests a framed version. describe the imagecustom car club plaque, tradeshows

Amongst this wide array of clients, the one commonality is that their plaques from In The News now distinguish them from others in their field.  As one pleased customer commented on, "Having 20+ of my plaques on the walls . . . seems to give me instant credibility."  The same effect holds true when a business takes framed proof of its recent accomplishments to tradeshows.

In addition to custom framing articles, In The News can make certificates, diplomas and other important documents part of one's tradeshow display.  On the other hand, a business at a car show  may wish to showcase some of its best restoration jobs, or a tattoo artist  may like to show off some of his most creative designs at a related convention.  If a business has been in the news, In The News can help it substantiate its public credibility with an attractive display board at that upcoming technology show or You Tube conference.  All lamination has a non-glare finish that allows customers to view displays comfortably from any angle.  In addition, In The News offers frames in a variety of finishes since most businesses let their displays do "double duty" as tradeshow attention-grabbers and office decorations.

Obviously, In The News can help any business draw a crowd at a tradeshow.  Metaphorically speaking, one need not build a better mousetrap to make the world beat a path to his door.  All he has to do is demonstrate that someone else liked his "mousetrap" well enough to write about it.  If a business appears to be in demand, everyone wants it more than ever.  That is human nature.  When vying for customers at a crowded tradeshow, a business should call on In The News to help make it the center of attention.

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