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Car Club Member? Feature your car with a custom wall plaque.

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Oct 19, 2011 @ 02:54 PM

For memorable keepsakes, In The News is the place to go to immortalize precious belongings. We create custom laminated wall plaques from newspaper and magazine features. The most popular places to order these are places like spas, clinics, restaurants, home offices, but can also be a beautiful feature piece for pool halls, or around the home to show off awards and important moments in history. Sample Custom Car Plaque

Another huge market for these plaques is the car industry.These personalized plaques are perfect investments for car owners, shop owners, and restoration places to showcase their off their pride and joy, truly beautiful works of art that took months of dedication.Businesses aren't the only ones who need to acknowledge this great service. Anyone who has a passion for their cars should consider this service to commemorate their treasures. Collectors from all around will admire these pieces showcased at car clubs or at monthly or yearly car shows where these plaques will do just the thing to spruce up the atmosphere.

Digital photos from these events can also be preserved in plaques and made into beautiful boards to take to events and car club shows. The colors of the pictures are preserved vibrantly and can encase a whole story laminated with a picture frame effect for years to come. For a more personal touch, say for the privacy of a home, In The News offers custom laminated wall displays for the garage or even just around the house. So clean out that filing cabinet of all those newspaper clippings you have been collection and letting stack up over the years and preserve them.

Make precious mementoes as a gift to yourself or a loved one, or just a someone you know around the neighborhood who will really appreciate the new plaque to feature in their dining hall or bedroom. Every piece of memorabilia is unique and deserves the attention you can now give them. Make it personal, make it precious.

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