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Gift Your Teachers a Wall Plaque of their Achievements!

Posted by Gail Walton on Tue, Nov 22, 2011 @ 08:43 AM

Let's face it High School isn't what it was when we were kids. The teachers have to deal with issues that weren't even on the radar back then. I.E., security, sex, imminent destruction of human life as we know it. Then there is always that emerging comic genius in every class (at least they think that's what they are). You're trying to give them guidance and an above average education and they just want to be a star. However, on the upside, the excuses for not doing homework have risen to the epic levels. Here are some of what I thought were some of the most creative excuses.

  • Mosquito bites trigger allergic reaction to ink, paper and computers.
  • October 21ers said the world would be ending on 10/21/11 so why bother with an assignment due on November 1st. see Harold Camp
So can you imagine trying to control a class fo 15 year olds while another budding comic genuis is spewing these excuses. In few of the aforementioned, when a school or educator goes above and beyond to see to it that a child recieves high quality education, we are always pleased when some organization gives them the recognization they deserve. When a student asks for guidance in how to chose a college we look for resources for them.  describe the image

Newsweek puts out a list of "Amercia's Best High Schools" on an annual basis which appears in June of each year. This list is done in conjunction with the IBO International Baccalaureate a highly prestigous and respected organization.

US News & World Report has launched a seprate site for education

They not only rank high schools but they also list colleges and specific programs.

 Some years ago, US News had their ranking methodology called into question but, in the past 10 years they cleaned it up and advanced the method they use to rank the schools and can be recognized as a wonderful tool to use when your student is deciding what college to attend. They also do a "Best Graduate School" guide that appears in the early spring of the year, so your student can use the site for futher educational decisions.

Remember your child isn't perfect and neither are the teachers or parents but, if we all work together we can be proud of our students. Why not give your favorite teacher a wall plaque of one of their many achievements. It can be anything, Teacher of the year, or even a great article about them in the School Newspaper.

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