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Posted by justin Cox on Tue, Nov 01, 2011 @ 10:16 AM

Changing times often don’t appear at first to have many benefits. Many of us find it difficult to accept change since we are so accustomed and familiar with what was. But times do change and most of us see the benefits of the change eventually. It took us a while, a full year, but In the News is now an ardent advocate of social media.describe the image

The advent of the computer was once heralded as the way to make us a paperless society. While that didn’t occur, internet access and social media has brought us many new opportunities to interact with our clients. In the News laminates and mounts magazine and newspaper articles of those who have been in the news. We subscribe to over 6,000 newspapers and magazines so that we know when you have been in the news and produce over 70,000 custom laminated wall hangings each year.

What has made social media such as Facebook and Twitter so valuable to us is that it has enabled us to stay in contact with our customers. In the News clients can now reach us on Facebook and Twitter and show us, literally, how they have used our products.  This has been tremendously rewarding for us personally and as a business to see our products displayed as they were meant to be seen.

In the News is proud to help people celebrate their special moments in life. Since 1987 we have custom crafted plaques designed to fit any décor or setting, on  ¾ inch birch wood with a wide variety of wood stains. And because of social media, we now can share their accolades not only with us and their local community but with the world.

Celebrities, business executives, newly-weds and new grandparents all use our services and have begun sharing their experiences with us on social media. Restaurants that have received rave reviews mount their In the News plaques prominently in their lobbies. Business executives have sent us photographs of their plaques displayed in their workplace. Recording studios commemorate their top hit ratings by displaying their achievements in their offices.

In the News thanks our customers for not only using our services but for sharing our products with our readers. Life’s accomplishments  deserve to be recognized. Our products are displayed in homes and offices throughout the world, but now they are also available to be viewed on the internet. Social media has expanded our world. We highly recommend using social media to learn about and interact with your clients. The value is inestimable personally and from a business perspective.

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