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Our HubSpot Success Story | How HubSpot helped our Inbound Marketing

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Nov 18, 2011 @ 09:58 AM

Here at In The News, we take great pride in what we do, designing and manufacturing unique laminated wall plaques that feature newspaper or magazine articles. Our products are used as business and personal gifts to commemorate all kinds of special occasions.  

After 25 years in business we've become a trusted resource for our customers -- tens of thousands of them.  But we still weren't getting found online the way we wanted. Then we found HubSpot, and it's given us a whole new outlook on marketing.

We're so excited about our own story we want to tell the whole world about our experience.

 The old way

Like many companies, we used to rely on extensive telemarketing to promote our products and services.  We averaged about 6000 telephone calls and emails a day to solicit potential clients.  Over the years, that's been literally millions of outbound marketing contacts.   

 Telemarketing is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Targeting hasn't always been as exact as we'd like, and the whole process can be expensive.

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 Hello, inbound marketing?

HubSpot provides comprehensive inbound marketing software. Just like the name implies, the HubSpot system gives us access to all sorts of internet-based activities not just our website, but social media, blogging, etc.  We have more ways to market, yet our sales efforts are better organized and more streamlined.

 Subscribing to HubSpot has enabled us to grow our business like never before. We've already introduced ourselves and our products to thousands of new people online,  because HubSpot helps us learn the right keywords to use, searchers can find us easily.    

 So rather than making millions of calls, our wonderful sales team can focus on interacting more with individual prospects and customers, listening to their stories and really getting to know them.  The more we learn, the more ways we can help both shoppers and existing customers. 

 With HubSpot, we're more efficient.  We're saving money.  We're having fun.  And we're getting great results. That sounds like a win/win to me.

 No wonder we're excitedHubspot Inbound marketing dashboard

Talk about increased traffic!  We've gone from getting 0 leads through our website to an average of more than 200 per month. Of the 3,000 visits we receive 8% become a lead and our conversion rate is over 45%.  We are capturing the low hanging fruit.  We're making new acquaintances, virtually everywhere.  And competition is aware of our recent success.   

We're able to help more people discover how our innovative custom wall plaques can create a lasting reward or gift for business colleagues and clients as well as friends and family members. 

 We have a new In The News blog.  We've already posted more than 75 articles, and in just a few months we've received more than a thousand page views.  

 We're able to stay in contact with customers.  We especially love to see Facebook and Twitter posts from folks showing photos of their In The News plaque proudly displayed.  We know they're sharing those posts with friends and family, too.  Haven't posted a picture of your plaque yet?  Let's see it!

 Nobody is more excited than we are to be part of HubSpot.  We're proud of ourselves for taking the plunge -- who would have thought we'd see this big of a difference?  Our experience is proof that any company that wants to do a better job marketing in today's online environment can look to HubSpot for easy-to-understand professional help getting the right tools in place and putting them to work.  

 We're working smarter, as the saying goes, and just beginning to realize our inbound marketing potential.  But custom wall plaques from In the News are getting found, thanks to HubSpot.

 If you're in business, how are you using HubSpot? If you aren't, maybe it's time you see what they can do for you.


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