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New Years resolutions companies can budget for right now for 2012

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Dec 22, 2011 @ 11:04 AM


The holidays are approaching as a matter of fact they have arrived.  Another year has passed and it's time to reassess the playing field. 

The New Year is on the way, there’s no reason why businesses can’t identify and begin to implement at least a few resolutions in advance. Taking the time to get an early start is often a good idea, since there’s the chance to work out any issues and be ready to launch those new or improved initiatives when the calendar rolls over and everyone is back at work.

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    Corporate culture is nothing more than the environment in which employees, managers, and others labor. The scope of that improvement doesn’t have to be complicated in order to make a huge difference in the workplace. Something as simple as making a change in how employees participate in performance evaluations or enhancing the communication flow from one department to another can often be accomplished without having to spend a lot of cash. The right changes tend to make employees happier, a state that tend to help discourage absenteeism, lower employee turnover, and in general improve productivity in the workplace.

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    Truly customer-centric companies know that pro actively approaching clients and asking pointed questions about what they want, like, or need can make a huge difference in the success of the business. Approaching customers for this type of information rather than waiting and hoping it is volunteered benefits the business in several ways. First, customers feel that their opinions are valued, which in turn builds loyalty. That loyalty comes in handy when the competition calls, since those customers will be less likely to stray.

    Another benefit of proactive client support is that the provider has solutions in place before the customers actually need them. This means there is no need to shop around for someone else to fill that need. Why spend time and money investigating other options when you can get the product or service from a business you already trust?

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The scope of opportunities presented by making the right New Year’s resolutions and beginning to work on them before 1 January arrives are endless.  Company owners and managers can use that extra time as a means of getting everyone excited about the possibilities for the next twelve months, involving employees at all levels in the implementation and maintenance of the resolutions, and greatly improve the chances for making the New Year the best one ever.

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