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Laminate, frame and preserve featured newspaper and magazine articles

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jan 12, 2012 @ 03:03 PM


mounted,laminated magazine article wall displayCustom Laminated wall display Since 1987 In The News has mounted and laminated newspaper and magazine articles for companies and individuals acorss the country. This year we would like to expand our reach in a way we have never been able to do.  If you are reading this post then we have done our job. Finding you has been our mission.  


Creating a pathway for new customers to get introduced to our products is the main focus.  But surprisingly not a new one.

Our mission:

 We are ready to introduce your company to a whole new way to market your great press

Think of it like a new 3D TV.  3d glasses

We can take your articles and make them three dimensional in the sense you have them in print and you can release the articles to your customers and contacts, you can then use In The News to create a custom laminated wall display.  

In The News allows you to add a dimension you might not have thought of.  You can only get and pass out so many reprints. But a professionally mounted wall display stands out. 

Proper placement allows for more exposure than ever before.  

Yes we have all seen the restaurant reviews @ the front of businesses, plaques recognizing:

  1. Best Food
  2. Best Bar
  3. Best place for Lunch

Why are they there because they work! Taking positive press seriously and developing a solid plan to expose as many potential clients and customers is the goal.  Generating new business by promoting yourself is as old as anyone can remember, add a custom laminated wall plaque to your check list of marketing ideas. 

Let In The news create a custom wall plaque for your personal office, company, clients to transform your good press into a 3D event. 

You can contact us @ or @ 800-548-3993 ext 3002

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