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Laminated plaques allow you to start your legacy today.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Aug 23, 2012 @ 11:35 AM

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Laminated plaques not exactly the 3 things that come to mind when choosing a plaque company, but maybe it should be something to really consider.

Memories are forever. Yet if you allow your memories to fade into the background, they are not enjoyed as much or as often.

Remember how good it felt to receive that award? What about a featured article in a newspaper or magazine. You can refresh the feelings directly when you retell the story because someone noticed the news article framed and laminated on your wall.

Do you have nieces, nephews or grandchildren? How can they learn the important histories we have within our families if we don't have something on a wall to remind us about the event so we can retell the story to the kids.laminated plaques, plaques from magazine articles

Our Memories Are Our Legacy

Today investing into the quality of art and craftsmanship for a timeless memory piece to leave for your legacy and family, and companies means investing in an heirloom where no one compromised on materials, design or reputation. 

In The News Inc is a provider of quality craftsman wall plaques designed specifically to honor and represent your finest moments.

Our custom laminated plaques are for presentation to employees, team members, management, family and friends. Our technicians reproduce any kind of company logo. We create personalized designs for you or your company. Specialty engravings anyone will recognize and appreciate for monthly competitions with awards and more. 

  • A full guarantee on every product sold, we believe there is truth in the saying,

"You get exactly what you pay for"

  • Hand designed, custom made, we have experienced craftsman working on every stain, frame and detail.

Since 1987 we have been the go to company who insists our laminated plaques are the best. Playing in the biggest fields in this industry, we have set the standard for the others to follow.

Our Legacy is Contained in our Heirlooms

Specialty lamination and engraving make the plaque as personal yet remarkably honoring in look, feel, style and presentation as can be achieved. Company awards, corporate presentations, sports trophies, and personal triumphs, we can feature news and magazine articles, certificates and the specialty mounting of items and mementos.


Choose your own framing trim colors from black, gold, silver, red, orange yellow, green, blue and purple.


Every plaque has a perfected customized layout. Professional designers examine and format your article or memory to guarantee readability, cohesion and appealing visual art. 


You choose your customized engravings that attach to each plaque.  You provide the details for articles or newspaper clippings, newsletter reports or certificate or diploma in its published form which will include the date, the article title or name, depending on preference.  Logos and other personalized artwork can  be engraved for an additional fee.

Plaques are sealed in non-glare laminate finish. This gives you and your visitors the ability to view your article without light reflection glare and other setting or lighting issues.


Call Us To Get Your Design Just Right

There are many attributes of our laminated plaques summarized on our site. Remember your colors carefully for a perfect match to the environment your heirloom will be displayed. View the many custom designs and colors, stains and hardwoods that will grace your families walls. When considering plaque options, keep in mind the colors in your article and the location where you will display it to ensure color coordination.  

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