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Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, Apr 10, 2012 @ 04:37 PM

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Everyone can be a star and everyone can be a celebrity with picture frames that will professionally preserve your most cherished memories and accomplishments. You have no doubt seen laminated plaques and frames of the most famous and historic moments from magazine and newspaper stories on the walls of friends, co-workers and even business associates.  You can now take advantage of your most memorable moments in your life, from your college diploma, marriage or child’s birth to the winning baseball hit or football touchdown photograph. Allow others to admire your special accomplishment by ordering a tastefully done picture frame or plaque from In The News Inc a Tampa frame company.Tampa frame store, custom laminated wall plaque

Stay Eternally In the News

If you are a business, a musical performer or artists that consider the benefits of using the professional services of the Tampa frame company. You will certainly be in excellent company.  Some of the best and brightest companies featured in the top publications have had their moments preserved with a wall plaque from In The News.  These wall plaques get you noticed whether in a newspaper or magazine professionally created plaques make a visible impact.  (read our most recent article on getting noticed)

One Shining Moment

Every parent is proud of their child’s first mention in the town newspaper, or is excited when he or she wins a community service award mention in the neighborhood newsletter. These are the type of cherished personal memories that you can preserve and share as special keepsakes for your child and even grandchildren. 

If you are a business owner and you want to preserve the magazine article about reaching a special milestone or celebrate the accomplishment of an employee who was mentioned in the local magazine, have the article laminated in a frame or on a plaque.  You can be sure In The News will give you great service.

Quality Services for Any Location

You have the opportunity to take advantage of In The News Inc. professional framing services from anywhere in the United States.  The cost for your laminated frame or plaque while dependent upon the size is still highly affordable.  Your article should be the original copy, but you can submit a digital photograph or article in PDF format or online. The quality of the photograph or article should be 300 dpi at a minimum.  Completion of your laminated frame or plaque will typically take between 2 – 6 weeks.  You can even check with your personal account representative for further details concerning your particular project completion  concerns. Once it is done,  you can begin enjoying and sharing those special memories for a lifetime.

Track your press, take the great articles and preserve them with our unique framing service @ In The News.

Let us know what you think we would love to here your ideas and feedback.

Go to our feedback page and let us know what you think of the article and learn more about In The News Inc. You can visit our website or call us @ 800-548-3993. We have been creating custom wall plaques for over 25 years and hope to contact you about your features and ideas.

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