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Next Issue digital magazine tablet experience too little too late?

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Apr 13, 2012 @ 11:53 AM

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Next Issue Media, a joint venture formed by five leading U.S.-based publishers – Conde Nast, Hearst, Meredith, News Corp. and Time Inc., launched a new app for android.  It's the first time major publishers have come together to offer a interactive content experience for a flat rate combined price $9.99 for basic and 14.99 unlimited per month about 32 titles and the are adding more.

Is it too little too late?

In the digital age where everything is available at lightning speed, many long, storied industries have really taken it on the chin. Two of the biggest to suffer are the information from newspapers and magazines. While storied institution magazines with restricted access online content thought they could hold the wolves at bay, even many of these names have fallen on hard times.

One thing which seems to be more and more true about the magazine industry is that all this revered content needs to have the shackles set loose and needs to be free. Here’s why.

Next Issue/Yesterday’s News:

One of the big issues which magazines and newspapers have had with the influx of the information hungry Internet is being able to hold the public back to their 20th Century ways in a 21st Century digital information age.

It used to be that you would wait for your newspaper to come every morning or you would wait for your magazine to get delivered every month. Today the thought of anyone who wants information having to wait any longer than it takes to dial up a web address seems ludicrous. The new next issue, by the time it hits your mailbox, is already yesterday’s news.

Now for some things people will wait a while. Readers may wait to read a profile of a writer they really enjoy or an actress they aspire to be like; they may still strive to curl up in a quiet place and digest the information at their own pace. But that is becoming less and less the case. They still have access to this information well ahead of the time it takes for the magazines to get the next issue into their hands. The rise in popularity of the mobile phone, PDA and tablet now even make the laptop portable computer yesterday’s news. Because people can take this information in on a more convenient screen, the need to subscribe to a day-late magazine is no longer required.custom wall plaque


Of course the magazines and newspapers don’t like this. For a while there many of the larger newspapers like the New York Times thought they had some kind of protection for their digital information.

Unfortunately for the newspapers and for magazines, as soon as someone has received any of your articles online they are immediately able to share this information with anyone else. Needless to say when there is breaking news people know about it. Even if this news is sourced from a secure location. The same is true of magazines. If someone really loves an article in your new issue that they have read online, they can spread it out from there. Now take that and multiply it by hundreds of thousands of readers, add in the like-mindedness of social media platforms, and you can imagine the speed at which information travels.

The bottom line is that even though this is many people’s livelihoods, information needs to be free. The hosts will always find ways to make money off of the insightful writing of good writers; people who enjoy reading this writing will respond in kind. But because of the saturation of information in this modern era, it seems that things like newspapers and magazines are rapidly becoming irrelevant in physical form.

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