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5 ways to use published articles from newspapers and magazines

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Apr 26, 2012 @ 03:13 PM

We live in what many call the information age; social media, celebrity and flavors of the month clutter our media outlets. Search trends on all the major Internet search engines change by the minute, no sooner does an image of a person or their name enter our radars then they are gone. The rolling posts of social media sites never stop and are endless making more important than ever to be able to capture those fleeting moments in time and preserve them.frame published articles, published articles framed

When you or your organization is featured in an article, there are a few ways you can extract that print event and showcase your press.

Let's take a look @ 5 ways you can use published articles:

  • Blog

Using your blog to post your recent print article is a great way to spread the news to your regular readers and subscribers. Just adding it to your bio on the home page of your blog will ensure that frequent visitors and new ones will know about your new publicity. Being able to refer to the article feature will no doubt increase your traffic and help you to reach more people, not to mention the added prestige.

  • Website

The Internet is an amazing networking tool and being able to post your printed accomplishments for the world to see is an awe-inspiring concept. Not only could you post your new article on your own website but you could share it with other websites you may have ties to. If you are Internet savvy or you have a web designer, featuring your new press is easy and could be directly available to all who visit your site. In today’s fast-paced technological world, the first thing people do when they discover a new talent or celebrity or even hear a news story, is search for the website pertaining to that subject.

  • Press Release

One of the age-old tried and true methods of publicizing events and accomplishments is the press release. Sending out press releases via email is now the norm for most industries but fax and mail are still used. A press release has the advantage of being a little more pointed and focused since it’s not cluttered with other content like a website or blog may be. The response may also be greater since the press release is sent directly to individuals or organizations that have ties to you and could be directly affected by your article and even pass the news of your press on to others.

  • Social Media

The widest cast net in public relations today is definitely social media. Several websites exist for strictly the purpose of self-promotion and networking. Being connected to literally thousands of people who can be alerted to all your press and public relations pieces are at your fingertips. Instantly connecting with people and transferring information can have an immediate impact on your professional endeavors.

  • Custom Framing

Regardless of all the technology we are surrounded by daily, the professional and classy way to display your articles is to have them framed. For this you need the expertise of a published articles framing service like In The News. Adorning your walls or those of your business associates with the unique and impressive look of a display from framing service is a physical archive that can withstand the test of time. Setting yourself apart from the crowd still carries the most impact. The uniqueness a custom framing service can provide will be welcomed addition to the décor of any space and have a lasting impact on all who see it.

See examples here

Our custom wall plaques are priced fairly and won't break your wallet and will last a lifetime. The joy you first had when taking your photos can be on display for years to come.

To learn more about In The News Inc you can visit our website or call us @ 800-548-3993. We have been creating custom wall plaques for over 25 years and hope to contact you about your features and ideas.


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