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Car enthusiasts | Automotive legend Carroll Shelby "Shelby Cobra"

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 02:25 PM


A true hero for car enthusiasts everywhere. Carroll Shelby, the man responsible for cars like the Shelby Cobra, Shelby GT350 and GT500, passed away on May 10, 2012 in Texas. He was 89 years enthusiast Carroll Shelby tribute

By combining big horsepower and a unique vision for engineering Shelby formed Shelby American in Southern California and created the Ace Roadster "Cobra".  This racing team was able to compete with the European powers of racing at the time and begin to win very important races which influenced much of American Racing as we now know it today.

Carroll always was striving to build better and faster cars.  He began as a race care driver winning races early in his career including the 24 hour Le Mans.  Twice he was featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated as the Driver of the Year. 

Heart problems deterred his racing career but not his passion for cars. 

Smart and passionate, determined and talented Shelby was a keen business man who became the first beginning in the 1960's to license his name and products in the auto industry.

One of his greatest achievements was to create the Carroll Shelby Foundation which provides medical assistance to people and children who need care.

He lived life and loved cars and we have followed his career with much appreciation. 

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