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How small business can use Twitter for marketing and sales success.

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, May 18, 2012 @ 04:18 PM


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Dal Watson at Don Crawford & Associates  was recently featured on the cover of Employee Benefit Magazine for maximizing opportunities in Social Media.  The unique part of the interview was the ability for it to post to You Tube and use one of our custom wall plaques as a feature in the piece. 


You can check out the video here:

The absolute killer part of the whole process was we initiated our contact to this great customer Dal Watson via Twitter. 

Because of the content of the article our keen sales representative Erika Maita thought it might be wise to contact Dal via a social site. 

Twitter is slowly becoming a vital part of our initial sales process.  The accessibility to contact potential customers and introduce our product easily is becoming very popular among one of the best inside sales floors in the country. 

One of the highlights of twitter if you did not know was that most posts contain a link either promoting someone else's success or the person tweeting has a link to their article or feature. 

Here is a great example of a perfect tweet that would be a viable lead for our business. 

tweets, twitter sales leadsImagine our surprise when we began to look at Twitter as a sales practice how unique it can be to segment certain keywords.  We believe it might be the future of our business 

You can create an account for free.  You can search keywords.  Examples of a keyword phrase we use would be:

  1. Featured on a magazine
  2. Featured in newspaper
  3. Featured cover article

Each company will have it's own set of keywords which you can save in your search field.  You will have to monitor or set up alerts when you receive them.  You can also set up lists and categorize your leads as they come in. 

We suggest to retweet a positive keyword that you have identified as a lead this could begin the converstaion in a round about way instead of direct messaging. 

In The News Inc creates wall displays of newspaper and magazine articles we are your alternative to framing.  We mount and preserve features from across the country. You can visit our website or call 800-548-3993.

Following certain phrases and words on twitter allows us to begin a conversation and hopefully inform a certain demographic we don't necessarily reach. 

Hope this gets you started and of course you can follow us on twitter here





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