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Achievement plaques, certain times in your life it's ok to celebrate!

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, May 22, 2012 @ 02:01 PM

All throughout our lives, recognizing our own individual accomplishments is a grand thing. It reminds us that we are participants, it reminds us of our best periods, and it spurns us on to keep doing great things in the future. achievement plaques, awards and recognition wall displays

One of the more commemorative ways to underscore these accomplishments is through the use of achievement plaques. Achievement plaques are able to preserve things like newspaper articles, magazine snippets, certificates, and diplomas in a sturdy plaque setting which promises to shield your precious reminder from the ravages of time and weather and real life.

You may believe that achievement plaques may be a bit out of step with your own self-image. Maybe you don’t gloat over things or maybe you’re just modest and feel as though your accomplishments have been more personal and private. Well even if that’s the case, there is no reason to not want to preserve these accomplishments for you and for the next generation.

From the first time you close on your first home to your child’s first report card, recital event, science fair awards, or prom pictures; taking those events and cementing them down with achievement plaques can really be a great way to remember the time and to evoke simpler days.

How many of us have ever come across remnants from big events in our parents’ lives which they just sort of brushed off as no big deal? But these may have been things we never even knew about! Maybe before they had kids your parents were activists and really spoke out on all kinds of local and national events; wouldn’t you like to have had some evidence of that growing up?

Even the simplest of things really should be preserved in achievement plaques. Children are born in hospitals every day; but you were only born once. If your parents have the foresight to take the birth announcement from the local paper and splice it in with some still photographs from the actual event, then that is something that can live on for years to come in achievement plaques.

For you and your next generation, don’t they deserve the same consideration? While it is very nice to consider that we will all have a digital footprint long into the future, the static moment of an image and news event frozen in time is one of a kind.

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