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Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 @ 04:05 PM

Did you see the New York Mets fan who ran onto the field a while back.  Rafael Diaz said he could not help himself he was so caught up in the moment as Met's pitcher Johan Santana delivered the Mets first no hitter in team history. (check out the video)   

Wearing a retro jersey #8 Cary Carter Diaz seemed to blend in with the team as they gathered on the mound to celebrate the moment. 

Truly enjoying his 15 minutes of fame Diaz jumped into the crowd of players and was able to tap Santana on the shoulder before security hauled him away and had him arrested. 

Diaz was taken to the police station where he faces a 1,000 fine and a year in prison.  But before any of his antics have to be accounted for he is an instant star. 

The last few days the media has covered this story and even placed him on the front page of the New York Post.  (See photos)

Wow!! What a story.  Mr. Diaz I am sure will look back on this event and one day enjoy this moment. 

15 minutes of fame plaque, custom wall plaque, newspaper plaque The nice part about this story is our company In The News takes articles from newspaper and magazines and turns them into wall displays.  We are excited we have been able to contact the family and they are interested in having their articles preserved for memories and family members for years to come.

If you have had someone you know get their name in the newspaper or a magazine then a custom wall plaque would be the ideal way to commemorate the event.  It does not have to be the front page of the New York Post to be memorable.

At In The News Inc we subscribe to all major and local newspapers across the country and have access to over 5,000 publications.  If you have been In The News we want to know about let us know by going to our website submit your request online.  We ask you to provide information about your feature we will locate your article and give you a free quote.  You can also contact us @ 800-548-3993.





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