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High school sports plaques recognize athletes of the year and more.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jun 14, 2012 @ 03:01 PM

Sports plaques come in all shapes and sizes.  So do the athletes who participate and excel in high school sports.  Take Kayla Stricker Senior athlete from Oak Grove who stars in track,cross country,soccer, powerlifting her seemingly unconvincing 5'2 frame and low key personality would not lead you to beleive she is an elite athlete.

This is why they keep records.  Kayla was recently named Female Athlete of the Year  in Hattiesburg American newspaper.  You can read the entire article here docs/HA1__05-10-12__05-46-06.pdf 

At In The News we mount and preserve articles for high school sports recognition and all star awards.  We contact the coaches and parents of the standout athletes who appear in publications all across the country.  What a wonderful time to be part of team and individual sports.high school sports plaques, athlete of the year plaque, sports plaques

High School sports develop so many intangible life lessons it is almost impossible to measure but success comes and we have a unique way to celebrate and identify those who excel.  A custom sports plaque of a featured newspaper article is a great reminder of hard work and commitment that helps achieve team and personal goals.   

In this instance Kalyas' dad John Stricker agreed to have the article mounted and preserved into a custom sports plaque for the family and Kayla to enjoy for years to come. 

But you don't have to wait for us to call you. 

Need to recognize an MVP? Did your team win a championship? Notice your star performance reviewed in a magazine or newspaper? Was your child’s little league team featured in the neighborhood newsletter? Commemorate your sports and entertainment achievements with a custom wall plaque. Ready to get started on your display?

Our custom wall plaques are priced fairly and won't break your wallet and will last a lifetime. The joy you first had when achieving your goals can be on display for years to come.

You can go to our feedback page and share your proudest moment with us.

To learn more about In The News Inc you can visit our website or call us @ 800-548-3993. We have been creating custom wall plaques for over 25 years and hope to contact you about your features and ideas.

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