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A custom wall plaque can define a company for years to come.

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 03:35 PM

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A recent Wall Street Journal article ran on the front page entitled "Farmers Prepare for the Data Harvest". 

We where approached by Machinery Link featured in the article to create a custom wall plaque. (3)

Machinery Link a company located in Kansas City, Mo among other things helps and leases combines to help harvest and maximize profitability for farmers across the US.

This is from their website "When your entire year’s revenue is at stake, you need to be able to count on your equipment to get the job done. Leasing with Machinery Link translates to your most efficient harvest ever."

custom wall plaque, custom laminated wall plaque,personalized wall plaqueWe where honored to create a custom wall plaque of their article featured in the Wall Street Journal.  Companies like Machinery Link who build their reputation by delivering their products on time and without fail are truly unique. 

It makes what we do at In The News all the more special to help provide our service and provide the best possible custom wall plaque to those who look to us to appreciate their achievements

We where even more excited when their PR department showed us a special cake they presented to their bosses with the article created on the cake.  (see photo)

Sometimes we forget how important it is to receive recognition and Machinery Link reminded us with the article cake and their order of a custom wall plaque of their article. 

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