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Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jun 28, 2012 @ 04:40 PM

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A custom frame magazine article strategically placed like the one in the photo in JML Audio's showroom can have a positive impact on any potential customer. 

Whether or not you are in the electronics end of the car business or you build, repair, race, or restore one thing is certain when you are featured in a publication your peers now about it.  If we have learned anything at In The News working with the car industry the last 25 years it is they are a tight nit cirlce. 

Everyone in this industry reads the lastest and greatest trends, new toys and tricks, and subsequently readers and followers of certain brands read these magazines too.  If you are so lucky to start getting your company in these magazines congratulations it has by all accounts brought more attention and hopefully business your way.

Let's take those features and turn them into money makers for your business. 

There is something about walking into a body shop, electronic store, car audio, or showroom and seeing a mounted and preserved article from one of the leading industry magazines with your company featured hanging up on the wall. 

JML Audio has been featured in such magazines as Dealerscope, Mobile Electronics, Car Audio and Electronics and many more. Each time they have looked to us to create and frame magazine articles for display. 

JML Audio is a World Class vehicle enhancement center specializing in high-quality mobile electronics for the discerning client. With a national reputation for high-performance equipment backed by expert installation, the elite professionals at JML Audio of St. Louis offer car audio, navigation systems, mobile video, iPod integration, vehicle tinting, clear automotive paint protection systems, vehicle detailing and so much more.

At In The News we are very fortunate to be able to mount and preserve these featured articles in such prestigious publications.  Helping promote and expand the business of our customers is the goal of our custom laminated wall plaques. 

Was your car, truck, or motorcycle featured in an automotive magazine? We receive every automotive magazine in circulation and often create plaques for trade shows and showrooms, or to commemorate your ride’s spotlight for your office or home! Ready to get started on your display?

In The News professionally mount and frame magazine articles for display if you have an article you would want preserved you can contact us @ 800-548-3993 or visit our website




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