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Newspaper framing. How to preserve newspapers for display.

Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Jun 29, 2012 @ 10:25 AM


newspaper framing, how to presreve newspapers

I guess the title should be why frame your newspaper articles with In The News.  I think by now the DIY and the Home Depot, Amazon, Ebay, shoppers can learn how to preserve newspapers for display wherever they want. 

There are no shortages of companies who offer newspaper framing as a service.  Heck most people like to build their own frames. 

How do you Stand Out like a Fox?    

Let's take a look at two major categories that make or break a company.  

  1. Product

  2. Service

It all starts with a great product.  if you don't take the time and effort to create an outstanding product all the rest of your efforts are going to be effected.

We recently ran a testimonial campaign asking our customer base to give us an honest critique of our business and how stack up.  Let's look at one comment directly comparing our product to a competitors.

Product (Example)

Amber Perkins from Colorado Allergy and Asthma Centers  

Comments We are very happy with your work. One year another company contacted us before you did, and we ordered with them. - What a mistake. The next year I had to order 2 wall display. 1 to replace the one from the last year, that just did not stand up to the same quality to the other 5 hanging next to it. Thank you.

You can imagine our joy to hear we stack up pretty well against the competition and the quality of our product delivers.  Secondly the fact that Amber speaks of the other 5 plaques she has received from us also tells a wonderful story about how well our product is received.  

Again like we said in the opening it's all about the product and we can't be happier with the quality of our framing service. 

Personal Customer Service (example)

While other companies offer anonymous service and remain hard-to-reach, we pride ourselves on delivering a positive and personal exchange with our customers. We promise to deliver a custom product that is tailored to meet your unique needs as you work one-on-one with your personal account representative.

Now not everything goes perfect we saw that recently when Mcdonalds' ran a Twitter campaign asking their customers their personal experiences they had at their restaurants.

Not every order we send out is perfect but it's how we handle the not so perfect orders and mistakes that we also think is a key contributor to the success of any business. 

Let's take a look at a testimonial we received touching on our second subject customer service.

Kevin Peters President of Miami Diving

CommentsI love your products and the service is really great you do what you say and if its not right you fix it with out questions. Kevin

We could not have said it better ourselves.  It's not how you handle success but how you handle adversity.  If we make a mistake and or you are not satisfied it is our policy to fix it with no questions asked.  You will get a replacement order at not cost to you and we will make it right. 

So to wrap up do your homework find a company with a great product and excellent customer service and you will find a way to frame all of your newspaper articles you want to display. 

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