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Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Jul 05, 2012 @ 09:09 PM

In The News Inc is a service that specializes in online framing.  We specialize in framing articles from features in newspaper and magazine publications, we also frame photographs, blogs, online articles, or any other item that can be placed on our wooden plaques. 

In The News, Inc is the best online source you will find that will frame your item in the most professional way available.  We will help you preserve these items in an attractive manner that you can proudly display in your home or framing, online framing service, frame magazine

Displaying articles, photographs or any other items that are important to you should not be taken lightly.  If you are looking to display an article about your business at your workplace it must reflect a certain professionalism.  Customers should be able to glance at the framed article and instantly believe that you only expect the highest quality work, which means that you will  provide the highest quality service as well. 

If you are displaying an article or photograph in your home, it is important that it is presented in an attractive manner.  Anything that you put on your walls is a piece of decoration. 

In The News, Inc not only provides high quality products that are extremely pleasing to the eye, but their process insures that your items will last a lifetime.

In The News, Inc uses a special process to help preserve and display your article.  Instead of using a simple frame with a glass encasing, we create a plaque for your article using several methods. 

Creating a plaque for your article is superior to having it framed for several reasons.  In The News, Inc uses a process in which your article is laminated and then mounted and heat-sealed to a panel of wood.  This helps keep your article from fading over time, as well as protecting it from additional wear and tear.   A plaque retains the professional look of a frame, but offers more durability. 

A frame encased in glass can easily break.  No glass is used in making the plaque.  In order to guarantee the quality of the plaque, In The News, Inc does not outsource any facet of its production; instead we produce all orders in house. 

Customers are given several choices when it comes to creating their plaque.  They can choose from a variety of different colors for the wood stain and they can choose the trim around the frame as well.  Our design team will then create a layout of your article that is appealing to the customer.  Once the plaque is created, a custom engraving providing  details of the article is added to it.

If you have an article or any other item that you want to preserve and display on the wall of your office or home, then you should look no further than In The News, Inc.  We have been serving clients that include publishers, businesses, restaurants, individuals and families for over 25 years.  

Our staff has been expertly trained to provide the best customer service and product.  In order to provide convenience to our customers, we even subscribe to almost 6,000 different newspapers and magazines all over the country. No other online framing site is that dedicated to its customers. Not to mention that we absolutely guarantee that you will be happy with the product you order.  As a first time customer, you won’t even receive the bill until you let us know that you approve of our work. 

In The News, Inc. will even foot the bill for shipping to show that they are serious about having your business.  For the best online framing in the business, contact In The News, Inc.

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