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Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Jul 11, 2012 @ 08:35 PM

When your team at the office is recognized for their accomplishments that is something that should be commemorated as much as it should be celebrated. One of the most lasting ways to commemorate some published piece in a newspaper or magazine about your whole team or individuals stand out success is to have that piece mounted and displayed in a common area in the office on a custom wall display or plaques,recognition plaque, frame your articles

You don’t need to be a Fortune 500 company to have an office that looks like its a million bucks. In fact management can often motivate and inspire the whole team by showing that they and the higher ups of the company appreciate the work that everyone does by showing off their accomplishments on one of these custom wall display plaques.

When you have a hanging office plaque in the office which highlights the work that a single member or group has done for the whole office, that inspires others to reach for the stars; really try their best to do their best. As an office member who is not a part of this plaque, why would you want to be sitting in the shadows of the good works of others, moping, when instead you could be inspired to do your very best and maybe one day get a plaque of your own? If you think that the plaques which could be hanging in your office are not a motivating factor, think again.

Having an assortment of hanging wall plaques and other commemorative decorations touting and celebrating your office’s accomplishments adds a flair of panache to the whole office which does not go unnoticed. When you bring customers or potential clients into your office, if you have all manner of items hanging on the walls then the reputation of the office stands on its own. You don’t need to list off all the droll accomplishments which you and your co-workers have achieved; they are standing there in plain sight for guests of your office to judge for plaques, recognition plaques,frame your articles

Another reason to have plaques or wall hanging decorations in your office is that this inspires friendly nudge of competition. If the top sales leader in the office is recognized for their earth shattering numbers then don’t you think people below them would strive to unseat them one day and have their own records they have shattered? By keeping reminders up of what others have accomplished it lights a fire in the belly of everyone else in the office and makes for friendly intra-office rivalries which can stoke peoples numbers and accomplishments even further.

If your big corporation or smaller office has reason to toot their own horn, they should indeed play on. By celebrating their accomplishments with newspaper or magazine clippings talking of the company’s success mounted up on a plaque you are boasting to the world of what you have done and alerting them of all the great things from you which are to come.

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