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Every great local diner deserves a Restaurant Plaque.

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Jul 09, 2012 @ 08:02 PM

Everyone local has their favorite place to grab a great meal.  Whether it's that burger joint down the street or a great seafood place across town; when you find a great restaurant that you love, and you love to tell other people about, that awesome eating establishment deserves recognition.

It seems as though chain restaurants have all but taken over the industry when it comes to attracting customers.  Small "Mom and Pop" restaurants have to remain creative and modern in what they serve as well as in their decor in order to maintain their customer base and be competitive.  Several of them work hard to maintain prices that are much lower that what you would find in chain restaurants.

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Also, while many chain restaurants get their food supplied by their companies (and don't always offer "homemade" choices, as they may advertise), most of these smaller restaurants stick to the basics of offering fresh food, made by hand, at great prices.  These are the restaurants who keep their customers, even one generation after another.    

Because these restaurants have succeeded in beating out the competition that lurks around every corner, a great way to give them the recognition they deserve is by presenting them with a restaurant plaque.  

A restaurant plaque is simply a type of award that can be displayed on the wall of a deserving establishment to represent its success and show appreciation from customers.  Even though these great eateries strive to keep a low profile, a restaurant plaque is an eye-catching piece that will bring a beautiful ambiance into the space.  It also lets customers know that the place they have chosen to give their business to is well-known and recognized for its exceptional service and fantastic food.  

Restaurant plaques can take many forms.  They can be designed in many ways--from large to small--and can feature engraved plates with the establishment's name and owners' names.  They can also feature local newspaper articles that have been done in recognition for the restaurant.  This is a great way to preserve the special moment when the restaurant made the news.  

It isn't enough to simply cut out the article.  Something so prestigious should be displayed in a way that customers will be able to view it and feel a sense of awe over the accomplishment.  

Restaurant owners who place restaurant plaques within their restaurants are showing the world how proud they are of their success.  As if great food and great service isn't enough, hanging a restaurant plaque for customers to see demonstrates to them even more how determined the owners are to serve their food with excellence.

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