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Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Jul 27, 2012 @ 03:19 PM

When we say old articles clippings and documents we mean old.  Recently we where commissioned by the Church of God Inc to create a custom wall displays of two original articles one from 1923 White Wing Messenger and the other 1919 Church of God Evangel.

We at In The News appreciated the guest blog we received from John Wilkins that gives us the history of each article accompanied by the photos of the custom wall plaques our company produced.

Bishop A. J. Tomlinson, Editor and Publisher

Bishop Ambrose Jessup Tomlinson was born September 22, 1865 on a small farm in Westfield, Indiana. He felt called of God to a special work at a very early age while attending to the chores on his father’s farm but he had very little to influence him since he was not in church very often. While sitting near the cook stove in his home one day he nearly escaped death when a bolt of lightning hit the house. It missed him by only a few feet. This experience eventually led to his conversion and he was off and running for God.

The first missionary journey of this great man led him into the hills of North Carolina on July 14, 1899 and he moved his family to Culberson, North Carolina as a Bible and clothing distributor. He worked there with the mountain people and soon started a paper known as “THE WAY”. The first issue was dated January 1904 and was published in Culberson, North Carolina by “The Way Company” with a subscription price of 25 cents per year.

His next venture was a paper known as “THE EVENING LIGHT AND CHURCH OF GOD EVANGEL” which was published for only one year. It rolled off the press with the first copy on March 10, 1910. It was renamed, “CHURCH OF GOD EVANGEL” in March 1911 and the subscription price was $1.00 per year or 5 cents a copy.

The next paper by this editor was known as “THE WHITE WING MESSENGER” with Vol. I, No. I rolling out on September 15, 1923 after the breakup of the original church which he was responsible for from Cherokee County, North Carolina. The subscription price was $1.50 or 6 cents per copy. This paper is still an official publication of the Church of God of Prophecy and is published through the auspices of The Pathway Press of the Church of God, Cleveland, Tennessee.preserve documents, frame old articles

The next paper which clings to the same doctrine and practices of this great man of God and traces its roots to this same author/publisher and his discovery of The Church of God on June 13, 1903 is known as “THE BANNER OF TRUTH”. The first issue of this paper was dated August 1997 and is printed in house by THE BANNER OF TRUTH PRESS located at 310 West Edgerton Street, Dunn, North Carolina. The original “WHITE WING MESSENGER” bearing the date of September 15, 1923 has been preserved on a wall plaque beside the original of the “CHURCH OF GOD EVANGEL” dated October 25, 1919. These beautiful plaques grace our entrance to “THE BANNER OF TRUTH PRESS” department and were made for us by “IN THE NEWS” of Tampa, Florida.

A special thanks to “IN THE NEWS” for helping us preserve our history on our walls here at the International Headquarters of “THE CHURCH OF GOD OF NORTH CAROLINA” as we honor our former editor and publisher, Bishop A. J. Tomlinson who was called home October 2, 1943.

In The News can create and preserve old articles and documents we have been creating custom wall displays for 25 years.

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