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A newspaper frame gives you joy for a lifetime.

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Aug 08, 2012 @ 03:08 PM

Every person has a moment in life where they succeed at something within their business or their personal life and want to save that feeling forever. Accomplishments in work and your personal life should be something that you are proud of and something you want to share with others.

Just like we take pictures of moments we never want to forget about in life, you should also save the memories that you do not want to forget in business and that is what In the News  strives to do.

We provide your great moments in business with a newspaper frame so that every time someone walks in the door of your business they get to share in your success stories making sure that all of your great business achievements are never forgotten.newspaper frame, newspaper framing, newspaper article frame, newspaper article framing 

All of our plaques are hand-crafted to add that special touch. Your article will be mounted to a wood base, laminated and heat-sealed making sure that it is protected and maintains the original quality. Every person who works for us makes sure that the article is hand-crafted with care and maintains the highest quality. Our quality is shown through our detailed work making every piece special for all of our customers, There are many samples for you to look at and customize into your own. 

In our mission we state that we are a team guided by competent management. We want to make sure that we provide a person and/or business with a way "to prominently and tastefully" showcase an original article about a company or personal time of great achievement. We promise to our customers that all work we do will be above satisfactory and all work will be hand-crafted by our team who is dedicated to making quality work. We have created a challenging and rewarding work experience for all of our employees while "fostering a team concept."

As individuals we know that there are moments in life that we hold sacred to our heart. These moments in life should be remembered and treasured forever. We have created a way for you to show others the major accomplishments in your life and give you a chance to do so in a classy and tasteful manner. If you want to share the great moments in life with others we highly suggest you use a newspaper frame to really showcase your accomplishments. 

In the news is ready to showcase your work in the most classy and tasteful manner. We want to be a part of your success stories and make sure that they are remembered by not only you but also the people who surround you. Great accomplishments deserve a great presentation and give others a reason to strive for the best in life.

If you would like to save moments in your life that you never want to forget then In the News is the place for you. We make sure that all your memorable moments in life are treasured moments. give us a call at 1-800-548-3993 or contact us today and make all of your special moments last a lifetime. (click our button to learn more) 


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