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Newspaper frame from a positve feature in a published article.

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 @ 03:32 PM

Having a positive feature in the newspaper about your business is not just free advertising; it can provide encouragement to owners and staff alike. One article at the right time and in the right paper can make or break a business, even in the Internet age.newspaper frame, framed newspaper, frame newspaper articles

Consider the fact that most people still look up to newspapers as a source of truth and thorough reporting. Keeping newspaper clippings has also been a way of preserving historically important events in memory. Collecting old newspapers that show stories about the moon landing or the sinking of the Titanic are a popular and potentially profitable hobby.

This preservation process is not limited only to newspapers. In the Internet age, online sources of news are equally important to the success of a business. There are many popular and prestigious blogs out there, and your business may want to preserve a positive feature in one of them; a newspaper frame can work just as well for blogs and online journals.

Mounting and preserving newspaper pages can help them to serve as a reminder of success or of history, but you will want to have it professionally and tastefully done. Simply clipping a newspaper yourself and framing it is not good enough. For one thing, newspaper has a tendency to yellow with age and yellowed newspaper clippings are not appealing to look at. A yellowed article or favorable review can make it seem like the best days of a business are far behind.

Framing a newspaper clipping is all about shielding it from those elements that would diminish its value over time. Direct sunlight can be destructive, as can excessive humidity and extreme changes in temperature. Constant handling can also cause fingerprints to be left on the paper due to oils in the skin. This is one of the reasons that antique documents are usually handled with gloves. A newspaper frame can provide complete protection from the elements for a clipping, and can do so without diminishing the value of the newspaper the way other preservation methods (like lamination) might.  

A newspaper frame can be used as a decorative element in a lobby, to inform both staff members and visitors alike of accolades and successful ventures in which your business has been involved. As such it serves to heighten morale and mold the first impression a potential client may have of your company. In a home it can showcase the prized newspaper clippings of a hobbyist collector and also serve to accent a home’s décor. The newspaper frame options available are diverse, suitable for all types of surroundings.

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