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How to preserve articles into displays to help "Get the word out."

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, Aug 14, 2012 @ 03:24 PM

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Have you ever heard yourself say that before.  Especially starting out on your own in the business world.  Whether you are working your way up the corporate ladder or starting your own business it's important to have a presence in your desired field.  

Getting the word out!

Getting the word out is critical to your success. But how?  Doesn't it seem like anything you do is just a drop in the bucket?  Not really if you stick to your plan, keep it simple and work your butt off you will see success. 

There are some things you can do to "Stand Out" from the rest of the pack. This works for you personally and if you are a new business. 

Here are a couple tips: 

  • Build a website
  • Get social (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Mail fliers (Get local) nothing beats word of mouth  
  • Create a blog
  • Generate a contact list (Email)

And finally when you get yourself noticed and all your hard work has paid off. 

Once you have established a base and you are getting attention people will start to talk about you and better yet write about you and your accomplishments whether it be personal or business related.

It's important to capitalize on your good press and preserve articles for display when you get featured in newspapers and magazines. 


  1. Establish your credibility.

Recognition from an unbiased, third party will help gain the trust & respect of your clients, as well as confirm expertise in your field. A wall plaque that thoughtfully reports acknowledgment can help earn points with current & potential clients when showcased in a lobby, waiting room, or office.

At this point you will need a company who can help you mount and preserve all of your hard earned publicity. 

In The News, Inc. was established in 1987 and is now the largest custom lamination and engraving company in the country that specializes in newspaper & magazine articles.

In our 25 years of operation, we have created over 1 million custom, hand-stained wall plaques for our national consumer base of over 500,000 clients.

In The News, Inc. boasts a sophisticated sales organization that includes a top-notch administration staff, friendly sales representatives, and a highly experienced production department. Utilizing the best of both the old and the new, we employ traditional paste-up artists to work along side state-of-the-art equipment. Our amazing team operates out of our 22,000 square foot office located in Tampa, Florida.

If you are In The News we would love to hear about it you can visit our website or gives us a call @ 800-548-3993 and tell us more about your recent success.




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