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How to display magazine articles with laminated plaques.

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Aug 27, 2012 @ 10:23 AM

If your firm is fortunate enough to have garnered some favorable press coverage, you want to make the most of it!  Of course, you will reference it in your website, but why not display it in your place of business in the form of laminated plaques?  This is a permanent and tasteful way to draw attention to your success in pleasing customers or serving the community.  There are a number of clever ways to take advantage of laminated plaques in order to promote your enterprise more effectively..

Good local commerce makes for good press.  Local media love to highlight new businesses or additions to existing businesses.  Such stories can often be encouraged with some persistent issuance of press releases.  Any such news pieces make a great advertisement when preserved for the long term in laminated plaques.

Many community or professional organizations give out awards every year to establishments that make contributions to the quality of life in the community or region.  The Better Business Bureau, the United Way, are two  examples of entities that honor businesses.  Some local magazines hold annual popularity contests in many categories - your enterprise could very well be nominated.  Such honors are nearly priceless means of impressing customers and gaining their trust.  If the honor is in the form of a certificate, it is crucial to copy it and make these duplicates into laminated plaques.laminated plaques, laminated magazine articles, preserve articles, preserve magazine articles

The most obvious and straightforward way to show off laminated plaques with honors, awards, and local news articles is to mount them on the wall near where customers enter, or pay, or sit while waiting for service.  ALternatively, such materials can be displayed on a counter or a desk, held upright for visibility by a handsome stand.  

A news article can be laid out gracefully with useful information about your business location, hours, and contact numbers and website. This whole assemblage can be incorporated into laminated plaques to place wherever clients are likely to dawdle, including, by the way, in the rest rooms or right outside.

Copies of these keepsakes are a terrific award for employees who have contributed to the company's success.   Laminated plaques highlight your staff's accomplishments, and constitute uniquely personal gifts.

The process is neither difficult nor tedious.  We know how to produce high quality laminated plaques for whatever purpose you anticipate, and some you may not have considered.

Our firm can obtain any published article for you from any magazine anywhere in the country, promptly, and create a professionally laminated version.  We are delighted to provide a complimentary preview of the way the article will appear with a 24 hour turn-around. 

Because this is more than merely pasting a laminated piece of paper on a board, the end result, carefully detailed and finished, is a truly permanent way to preserve any paper document.   Even if you frame an important and potentially irreplaceable magazine page, you may find that it deteriorates with surprising and dismaying swiftness.  Insects and other pests can turn your wonderful publicity into hole-riddled trash.  Moisture, even a modest amount in the air, is lethal to a paper display. 

Spread the word out about your firm's good work - we'll help you to decorate your premises with all the great things others say about you.  Don't let those press clippings turn to sawdust!!


You can learn more and visit our website or call us 800-548-3993 we would love to hear about your success. 

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