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Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Oct 04, 2012 @ 02:05 PM


Yes! Ok we know you don't feel like preserving your featured articles into laminated plaques.  It is just something you do not want to invest in right now and you think it is a little too much grandioseness.  Got it. 

But wait, that doesn't mean you can't use our service as a way to say, "Thank You" to your vendors and or customers who are featured in articles in newspapers, magazines or trade publications.

At In The News Inc we have found through trial and experience that our service of mounting news articles into laminated plaques is a easy, quick, fairly inexpensive way to build relationships with long term and potential clients and customers. 

Let's look at a great example:preserve articles, magazine display frame, newspaper display frame

Tom Fritts owner of Residential Sewage Treatment Company in Grand View, MO.  A company that provides onsite wastewater specialist service uses In The News as their laminated plaque company for more than just their own features. 

Tom writes:

Comments We have used "In The News" a few times now and have been happy with every order. From the time we placed it, paid for it (very affordable) and put it on the wall. Our last order was that of one of our customers that appeared on the cover of our trade magazine. We surprised him with the wall hanging and needless to say it was very good customer relations. Keep up the good work. We look forward to the opportunity to use your service again. Tom

Their most recent gift plaque was for Dooley's Backhoe Service for their feature in a magazine called Onsite Installer.  They took advantage of our custom engraved plate to write:

"From all of us at Residential Sewage"

Why Choose Us?

We know you have choices heck we help start two other plaque companies. Two reasons:

  1. Loyalty

  2. Experience

preserve articles, laminated plaques, magazine display frame, newspaper display frameOver 25 Years of Experience

We’ve been professionally creating custom laminated plaques since 1987, so we’ve had over 25 years to perfect our product and our methods. And it’s not just our company with the know-how – over half of our employees have been with our company for over 10 years, so you can be sure you’re getting the best service. When it comes to preserving your good press and achievements, nobody does it better than us.

Take advantage of our new digital preview.  This will give you an opportunity to look at your article and view what your display will look like before you purchase it. You will receive your digital preview in less than 24 hrs.  To get started click the button below:
You can visit our website or give us a call @ 800-548-3993



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