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Graduating in Style With a Diploma Plaque

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Oct 04, 2012 @ 03:27 PM

When celebrating a graduation it is difficult to convey the abundant pride that such an accomplishment warrants. Congratulations and best wishes are a dime a dozen. Teddy bears and flowers are passing tokens that have little value to the new graduate. Money is always a welcome gift, but lacks thoughtful intent. There is one gift that both conveys your pride in the new graduate and encourages success in the next phase of their life: a diploma plaque.diploma plaque, diploma plaques, mounting my diploma

As a newly minted graduate, your career bound loved one will want to show off her degree. In some instances, she might necessarily display her diploma in her office. Frames have a long history of serving this purpose, but the diploma is left to fade and wear in the simple glass frame over hears of sunlight and air exposure. The glass of frames is fragile and can be easily cracked or broken during moves, redecoration, or accidental falls. Rather than question the longevity of a frame, you can design a diploma plaque for your graduate that is both personal and professional, with durable construction and heat-sealed framing of the diploma on solid wood.

The solid stained wood, molding and personalization of a plaque add an impression of order and professionalism to office or home décor. The quality craftsmanship tells guests and clients that the contents of the plaque is important and a source of pride, to be noticed. While the value of any employee is found most strikingly in their output of productivity, having a well maintained office with professional plaques couldn't hurt their overall reputation either.

diploma plaque, mounting a diploma, preserve diplomaPlaques are used for recognition and display of accomplishments. In addition to diplomas, you may consider preserving certificates and awards earned during the graduates education, any print publicity that may have featured your graduate, or a montage of highlights and memories from his years of study. Regardless of what you choose to emphasize, a plaque shows how proud you are of him and that you have been paying attention to the details. Personalization is encouraged, adding a touch of sentimentality to a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Avoid the cliches and show your graduate you are not only proud of his accomplishment, but also looking forward to his future. Start designing a diploma plaque for your graduate and give him the encouragement he needs to enter into his career as a professional.

In The News, Inc. provides a specialty lamination and engraving service for businesses and individuals who have been featured in the media. Our custom wall plaques are the perfect way to professionally preserve your publicity & commemorate your achievement. Whether you are the CEO of an established corporation, a flourishing local business owner, or an individual whose been spotlighted – we offer a handsome and dignified way to mount and display your featured article.

While we specialize in mounting media articles, we are happy to preserve any piece of your professional or personal history. Whether it's a record of your success, or a treasured keepsake or memory - we'll tailor our wall displays to meet your unique needs. Have an idea that's not listed? Don't hesitate to ask us!

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You can visit our website or give us a call @ 800-548-3993 ext.3002.  For 25 years we have been preserving diplomas, documents, certificates and much more.  We look forward to hearing from you and creating a keepsake.

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