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Newspaper Display Frame: "Latest Trend in Preserving Your Articles"

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Oct 15, 2012 @ 11:33 AM

newspaper dispay frame, newspaper frame, framed newspaper Anyone who wants to look back in time, whether it’s a reminiscence of World Wars, the first moon exploration or when the Titanic sank, one of the most popular ways of doing it is through a newspaper display frame

There are plenty of milestones of moments in time; moments that could never be forgotten striking a chord between the old and new generation including grandparents, parents, cops and companies.

Anyone who wants to make it a memoir in preserving his/her article in the newspaper by mounting it into a frame makes a perfect decision in framing it.  In fact, it can be personalized as a gift to a love one that can tickle his/her fantasy.

How a newspaper display frame works:

A person who has already decided to frame his/her valuable newspaper should follow the directions below:
•    Request information from a reputable website regarding the price, colors, size, engraving, and fill out the form online.
•    A company representative will then contact him/her to discuss matters pertaining to the custom plaque.
•    If one has no archive of old newspapers of his/her own for newspaper frame, he/she can search for tons of newspapers dating back from time immemorial in some websites online, and put the articles he/she has chosen in a frame as gift to friends or love ones.  
•    In fact, these original newspaper gift ideas on newspaper frames are even more special because they can personalize them with names, the kind of occasion, and the date of the newspaper, along with a short message.

Important things to know in newspaper frame

First, determine the amount of content to be framed.  One can place as much as the frame can hold or just the front page.  Framing a newspaper is more difficult compared to a comic or magazine because it has no square edges.  Most newspapers possess edges that are uneven and overlapping.  Putting the whole paper into the frame can create a kind of presentation that is not optimum, and the paper will be a bit crooked. 

Chances are, it won’t fit properly into the frame.  Therefore, to make the newspaper frame perfect, just put the front section in the frame, and place the other parts elsewhere.  In determining the price of the framed newspaper, United inches measurement is used, which is based on the size of the newspaper.  It is the width added to the length of the content to be framed.
Types of newspaper frame formats that can be used

•    Value Frames:  people who don’t want their newspapers to be matted can take this option.  This is also used when a person wants to save and protect his/her newspaper.
•    Changeable frame option:  Those who consider their newspaper valuable can adopt this option.  It is also applicable in case they want their newspapers to be matted.
•    Broadsheet format:  This type of format is used in newspaper frame instead of the smaller size of tabloid.  Since there is no standard physical size, the newspaper should be measured carefully before ordering the frame.
•    Tabloid format:  This type is not folded, and its size is usually half of a broadsheet.  Most of tabloids measure 10 to 12 inches in width and 14 to 18 inches in height.
•    Half-Broadsheet format:  This newspaper frame format is preferred by some people who want to frame only parts above the fold which is half-broadsheet size.

If you search online, you can find a reputable website that can handle your needs in newspaper display frames.  In The News creates newspaper display frames, magazine display frames, and any document or video you would consider mounting and preserving into a custom frame.   

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