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It's fun to frame old newspaper articles just ask Veggy Art.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Oct 18, 2012 @ 04:36 PM

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Who has time for garnishes?  At least that's what James Parker founder of Veggy Art asked himself back in 1998. 

This was the original concept of Parker's to create decorative centerpieces and garnishes to reatail outlets throughout Washington DC, Northern Virginia and New York. 

An article in the Washington Post food section helped shed light on Parker's craft and when the Associated Press released the same article, Parker received hundreds of emails and phone calls asking about Veggy Art.   His students now hail from all over the world.frame old newspaper articles, framed article plaques, framing newspaper articles

This is where we first met James Parker when his expanding business was about to take off.  IN the News began to mount and preserve his featured articles in newspapers.  Since the Associated Press released the Washington Post article we have seen Veggy Art featured in many publications each time In The News has created a beautiful custom framed newspaper article.

Veggy Art has grown into a worldwide success story and has taken Parker to new heights, including participating in a Veggy Art class at the White House.  (see top photo)

If you have a success story like Veggy Art and want to chronicle your path In The News Inc can help you preserve your milestones along the way with custom framed newspaper articles.

In The News can even mount and preserve old newspaper articles for those who have experienced success all along and now are looking to go back and reward themselves with some type of wall of fame. 

Our newspaper plaques and frames are great for business too.

Were you featured on the front page of the newspaper? Have you been published in a business journal? Were you spotlighted in a community newsletter? Newsflash! If you’ve been featured in a newspaper article, it means you are worth talking about and that’s a great success! Preserve and display your good press with a custom wall plaque and keep people talking about you. Ready to get started on your display?

If you have articles and want them framed then get started today. Click our button below to learn more about In The News.

In The News, Inc. creates made-to-order wall displays for each of our customers, and we always give our first-time customers a chance to see the finished piece in person, with no obligation to purchase. Click here to learn more.

You can also visit our website @ or call us @ 800-548-3993.

Our blog covers the art of framing articles and spotlights companies featured in publications.

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