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First Time Home Buyers celebrate by framing magazine articles.

Posted by Brian Brady on Thu, Oct 25, 2012 @ 11:05 AM

Career Naval Officer John Frank and his family recently where featured on the cover of Military and Veteran Home Buyer Magazine.  The beautiful magazine article captured the families excitement and heartfelt story.

With the help of a VA loan specialist John and his family where able to walk through the process of obtaining a loan. They where able to find a house they liked and make an offer.  What a thrill for a career military family to be able to find a place to call home.framing magazine articles, framed magazine article, magazine display frame

At In The News framing magazine articles for families with stories like the Franks is what makes our job special. 

We specialize in mounting and laminating magazine and newspaper articlesWe offer a way for those featured in a publication to make a lasting impression by preserving and displaying their success. You’ve probably seen our wall displays on some of the best business walls in the country.

As you can see by the story above we have a real tough job.  Reading powerful success stories allows us to stay positive and offer a great service for those featured in magazine publications. 

Framing magzazine articles is a great way to celebrate any media accomplishment whether you are:

  1. Military Family
  2. First Time Home Buyer
  3. Small Business
  4. Restaurant
Our business is to make your features in publications look great on your walls.  

At In The News our account representatives work with businesses and individuals as they appear in the news, delivering a product that prominently and tastefully displays the original article or achievement in which they have been featured.

Being spotlighted in a magazine, whether it’s a local zine or a national publication, is an exciting accomplishment and definitely something to talk about. Be sure to save and display that good press! Ready to get started on your display?

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