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Old newspaper clippings look great as framed article plaques.

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Nov 05, 2012 @ 11:54 AM


It' been said time and time again if you got it flaunt it.  Why then when it's our turn to make a statement or celebrate an accomplishment do we get a little stage fright.  Humble even.

Article framing old newspaper clippings can be a rewarding experience.  At In The News not only do we take recent articles and news stories of the day and turn them into custom newspaper framed plaques we also will mount old newspaper and magazines just the same.  In fact many of our new customers who receive a plaque for the first time invariably ask us to mount and preserve something they have been holding onto for a period of time.

And the answer always is of course.  We may even have a copy of it in-house.   

The nice part about being in business for 25 years is you build up a library.  And now with digital technology and free storage space you can practically keep anything in print.  Which allows us to work closely with publishers and obtain older articles than we where able to do 10 years ago.old newspaper clippings, newspaper article plaque, article framing, plaque old newspapers

Up until 5 years ago you would have to supply the article to us in order for us to create one of our custom plaques.  But with the development of technology more often than not we can make contact and track down your old article and find the newspaper and order a clean version of it.

Believe me the old way was to have a garage full of magazines and a crazy filing system.  Get a call from a customer and go home to your garage and try and locate the year and copy of the magazine.  This took endless hours and never really every worked out. 

Now with Ebay, Amazon, and publishers keeping digital versions and filing everything away it usually ends up being a click away from purchasing an old newspaper clipping and creating a wonderful newspaper article plaque without having to send your orginal version in to us.

We have an outstanding customer service team and a lot of our attention goes to filling orders requested by some of our happy customers.  There is no request to big or too small, too old or too rare we look forward to the challenge of finding and helping customers create better memories by hanging old newspaper and magazine articles for display.

Let's take a look at a request that just came in over the weekend.  

Madeleine Laird from Hope for Animals sent a request to us from an article in the Fort Wayne News_sentinel May 6th 2010 Title of the article was : Clinic goal:increase spay neuter.  The great part about her request was she sent us the link to the original post.

We can track this article down and give her a quote with a nice digital preview where she can make the best decision for her to move forward with the purchase of the framed article plaque.

The last resort would be for some reason we where unable to locate your request we would then ask you to supply to original.  At this point we would get permission from the publisher to make one copy and create a article plaque.  We would then mail the plaque and the original back to you. 

Were you featured on the front page of the newspaper? Have you been published in a business journal? Were you spotlighted in a community newsletter? Do you have an old article you would like to see on a custom article plaque?

Newsflash! If you’ve been featured in a newspaper article, it means you are worth talking about and that’s a great success! Preserve and display your good press with a custom wall plaque and keep people talking about you. Ready to get started on your display?

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