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Framing Newspaper Articles to Recognize Excellence

Posted by Brian Brady on Mon, Dec 31, 2012 @ 10:45 AM

framing newspaper articles, frame articles, frame newspapers, framing newspapersEvery once in a while, a business or an employee will get a positive mention in a newspaper or magazine.

It might be a review of a restaurant, a profile of a local business, or an award for a business or individual.

That mention is something that deserves a permanent place of honor. Framing newspaper articles offers a way to recognize excellence and give it a place of prominence.

Why should you frame magazine and newspaper articles?

  • Preserve the article for years to come. Newspaper and magazine articles are printed on paper not meant to last for decades without preservation. By framing the article with archival matting and framing, you will have something to enjoy and brag about well into the future.
  • Present an accomplishment your company achieved to your customers. Bragging rights are something that does not come along every day. If you or an employee of yours gets a positive mention, you can frame the article and show your customers the accomplishment. It helps build their sense of trust and loyalty to your company.
  • Give as a recognition of achievement to an individual. If you want to recognize an employee mentioned in an article, presenting the framed version as an award. This makes a great employee incentive. The framed article shows that employee how much you value their contributions.
  • Boost morale among your employees. Most people want to be part of a successful organization. Showcasing an accomplishment mentioned in a newspaper offers a great way to get your employees excited about the company and its direction. Hanging it where everyone can see makes them feel as if they are a part of that mention.
  • Establish credibility with potential customers. Companies want to attract new customers. Getting mentioned in a newspaper or article is a great way to establish your place in the industry. Framing newspaper articles gives you something tangible to work with. When talking with new customers, you can brag a bit about the article and show them the framed piece as proof.
  • Take it with you to trade shows and other business gatherings. When you are at home, you can hang it on the wall at the office. Then, when you want to show the article off to the competition as well as customers, you can display it on the road.

Your business will benefit a great deal if you take the time and trouble to frame newspaper articles that mention the company in a positive way. Whether it is corporate or individual recognition, it shows where you company is on a certain date. It marks an important event in your company's history and gives you bragging rights for years to come.

Framing newspaper articles is a smart business move that will pay off with your employees, customers, and even the competition.

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