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Posted by Brian Brady on Fri, Jan 11, 2013 @ 11:23 AM

frame online news articles, print articles, frame articles, article framingHave you ever had something published in a local newspaper or magazine? If so, you're probably incredibly proud of the content, whether it is your very first newspaper edition or if it is the last column in a magazine you're writing before retirement. Whatever the reason and whatever the content is, you probably want to show off the material to the rest of the world in a professional manor.

But what about online content?  How about a blog or an online only publication.  A blurb on a highly trafficked website or even a chat forum.  If it brings you notoriety and success isn't just as important to have it properly preserved and showcased? 

You can't do this by just cutting the article out and taping it to a tack board on the office wall, and framing the article yourself with a store-purchased frame is rather difficult, due to the bulk and overall size of the paper or magazine.

How to frame news articles in print or online

Instead, you need a professional company, capable of framing the content on a beautiful wood plaque, with your name and the article content written in metal and cast above and or below the written content. So no matter what you want to showcase to your friends or clients, there is ways for you to do so with the help of this online company.

The problem with having material framed is it just takes so long, you have to leave work or take time off and go into the framing location. Even if you find one nearby, it is probably just going to put the item behind glass, which means should someone every accidentally knock the frame down from the wall the glass is just going to shatter or crack.

By having it placed on a plaque you no longer have to worry about this. It is all safe and secure, without having to worry about what may happen to the material.

Through In The News Inc you don't ever have to worry about taking time off or how it is going to look in the end. You just need to design it online and place the order, and from there you'll receive the material directly in the mail, without ever having to leave the office or home.

To frame online news articles you need to navigate yourself to the website and select the "Start Your Plaque" option. This gives you a series of information on what to do with the plaque and what it is going to look like after the process has finished.

As your satisfaction is guaranteed with In The News Inc, it is necessary for you to fill out all of the necessary information, including background content, where they find the article and how they can contact you. This way, when the plaque is done and ready for your inspection you can check it out through the frame online news articles website and give your approval.

Keep your original

Let us track down the article for you.  Don't worry about sending it in we have a research team to track down the original or online feature. 

Within two to four weeks you'll receive your plaque in the mail, ready to be presented and placed on the wall of your business or office.

When you want to present a special achievement in your business or that you wrote yourself you need to have it presented properly for you, your employees and clients. This is done by placing the material on a plaque and having it displayed. With the plaque it is going to look professional and high end, so not only are they able to read the written information but they will also be impressed as to the overall quality of the content.

So no matter what it is you want to present or what the information is about, you'll always look professional with the newspaper and online article hanging from a prominent wall in the facility you work or live in. Just make sure to check out the frame online news paper article website.

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