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Location based marketing for a mobile app.

Posted by Brian Brady on Tue, Jan 15, 2013 @ 12:56 PM

Let's say you are at your favorite local spot and you are hanging with your friends. 

Check that:

Let's say you are at your favorite Wi Fi spot and your are engaging with some of your friends in person and the rest of your friends online.

What if you happened to look up and you have become familiar checking this spot.  It has become one of your favorite new things to do.  The owner of the café has created a "New App" section in his store where the business highlights the newest featured App. 

This weekly update comes with a special sign.  These App Signs have become so popular most every Starbucks, Local Eatery, Big Business have all become transfixed on the concept of App Signs as advertising and engaging customers with Visual Reminders of there own and other peoples Apps.

No longer do you have to cram your App into every app marketing website claiming they can get you found.  There you are standing alone with the spotlight on you and your App.  Taking up great space within a high traffic area. 

Location Based Marketing

No not google places or whatever they are calling it now.  We are not talking about the new yellow pages.  We are simply creating an environment where you can have the spotlight and capture the attention of your potential users. 

From online to off line and back again.  App Signs desktop and wall displays are becoming an integral part of the mobile revolution.

You know who you are the head bobbers who transmit texts and upload photos and check in where ever you go.  It's ok I am one of them too.  Heck aren't we all. 

Technology, along with the mobile revolution had become quite a mass hysteria. Have you tried marketing to these 5 second anomalies.  Pretty tough isnt't it? 

If there is one thing we are certain and have experience in it's helping companies, small business, and individuals celebrate and promote their successes.  Take a look at our fan page.

So we asked ourselves why not start to help those creating the next big thing.  Apps.

In The News Inc.  has created App Signs.  Wonderful acrylic desktop and wall signs to help expose your App, or your business App to the world.

This is the best way to display your App.   

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