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Laminated plaques help Supplement Source promote success.

Posted by Brian Brady on Wed, Jan 16, 2013 @ 02:30 PM

laminated plaques, article framing, newspaper plaques, framing newspaper articles, frame news articlesWhen a company is having success in the media they are often looking for addtional ways to capture their news article and create more buzz for themselves. 

Of the many questions we receive at our business In The News Inc is why would I want to create laminated plaques from my news features. 

Once we take the time and explain the many reasons why,  usually a light goes off and often times they get it before we even end the conversation. 

Such is the case with an online sport supplement retailer. 

When we called the Daryl the President of the company he was already trying to figure out the best way to capitalize on the great press they had received in the London Free Press.

The article among many things talked about the success the business was having and the fact they had moved to different facilitites each time to a larger space. 

SupplementSource is now the leading online sport supplement retailer in Canada, selling a variety of nutritional and dietary products aimed at the athletic market.

You can read the entire article here.

Now we wanted to talk about some of the reasons a business might want to laminate and frame their good press.  We thought we would like Daryl explain why he did it:

"I just received my In The News plague for the story done on us in the London Free press and I can begin to describe just how impressed i am ! WOW I was going to go it Costco and spend $40 to have this done BUT I know it would have looked nothing like this you guys are artists in your trade!

Please do not hesitate to bill me for this now and YES please do the Article in Business London as well! I'm not sure how we got this London Free Press going I love it but was just wanting to do something similar but slightly different for the Article in Business London just so they both POP off the wall and when you walk in you not quite sure which one you wanna look at first.

If you have a testimonials page please put me one it I'll sign off on any comments you wanna write ;-) or someone is on the fence about paying you to do this for them tell them to call me!!!

Daryl Ballentyne

President e-Commerce Division

Let's take a look at 3 other reasons a company may want to invest in laminated plaques.

  1. Promote your company on-the-go Laminated plaques are not only eye-catching - it’s mobile too! Take your wall plaque to trade shows and events to easily draw attention to your company and prove you’re worth getting to know.

  2. Reinforce your professional image Laminated plaques are a simple way to inform your clients that your company has been recognized for its success. Remind your customers that your business is thriving, and remind your competitors that you’re a force to be reckoned with.

  3. Motivate your employees Encourage your team to meet future goals by highlighting past accomplishments with wall plaques placed in office space, meeting areas­­, or break rooms. A recap of success is the perfect way to build confidence and inspire your employees.

In The News creates custom laminated plaques of news articles from magazine and newspaper publications to help your business celebrate and promote success.  We want to help you stay on top and revelant with a wall diplsay.

Have something you might want to have displayed?  Not sure how to get started here is a checklist to download when you are ready to place your order.

Download our checklist to help plan your order! 

Visit our website @ or call us @ 800-548-3993 

laminated plaques, article plaques, article framing, newspaper plaques, newspaper framing


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